What is an Artisan?

An Artisan, by definition, is a master craftsman. It was used centuries ago to describe the men that continually executed the highest quality workmanship in their trade. An Artisan didn’t just do the task at hand, he performed it as an artist creating a masterpiece.

Chase Homes uses An Artisan’s Approach in each project we have the honor of working on. Combining a staff of Artists and Artisans with subcontractors who also exemplify these Artisan principles, results in a highly creative team that sets quality standards in every aspect of the project.

While the staff and team of tradesman are two key components, we also rely on the third ingredient, the homeowner. The homeowner brings the flavor to the creative process. Working with their personal style, place in life and desires for their home ensures that the artists will always be creating original work. Because the homeowner is such an important part of the process, we focus on building a relationship with them long before we start executing their project. We start by listening, then we add our advice and experiences, blend it with appropriate design and material usage and finally help the homeowner visualize what the end result could be.

It is An Artisan’s Approach that makes all the difference.